Why us?

We opened in the winter of 1996 & for over 20 years we have proudly offered freshly hand-made & high quality pizzas. Our ingredients are real, locally sourced where possible & authentic to our original recipies dating back over 40 years. We know Pizza.

Give us a chance to prove it.

Our Pizza

We start out each day by making our dough from scratch, chopping our veggies and going through the many neccesary steps to properly produce a pizza to be proud of.

Our signature sauce, meats and cheeses are of the highest quality in the industry and even the box that holds the pizza is as well.


We deliver to all of Crystal, New Hope, Robbinsdale, Golden Valley & select portions of southern Plymouth and northen St. Louis Park. We do have a $2.50 delivery charge.

The fee is intially, in-part, paid to the drivers as well as used to cover the cost of delivery tools such as bags, warmers, etc.


We recognize the value in saving a few dollars! So we've gone ahead a created some online offers that you can find only on our website!



It's one thing for us to bring food to you; we're here for that too! But when you come to see us, it's only fair we give you some insentives.



Just because we're known as a 'small' family style pizzeria, doesn't mean we aren't fiesty. We can handle large (800+ppl) or small business orders and we offer price breaks based on quantity.